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Grange Leisure Swimming Pool

The Grange Leisure Holiday Park, operated by Coastfields Leisure Ltd, is a popular destination for holiday and leisure seekers in the Mablethorpe area. For the past two decades, it has consistently offered high-quality accommodation and holiday experiences to a diverse range of guests.

The next step in the site’s continuous development is the construction of a new swimming pool hall, attached to the main facilities building of the park. In addition to the new pool, the project includes a main reception and changing village, spa treatment area, swimming pool flumes, turret feature, and a gym and fitness facility. Coastfields Leisure hope to soon progress into the construction phase after planning permission is secured and working drawings produced.

The swimming pool hall is a sleek, elegant form which articulates an interesting structure, both externally and internally. Its unique angled façade combined with large open structure, cantilevered roof and vertical glazing, extending over the external walkway, creates that “wow” factor. The design concept also generates a level of intrigue as you first see it, before realising it captures the excitement and playful activity going on inside, using the children’s pool area as an advertisement and key attraction to those visiting. Along with the cantilevered roof, angled facade and distinct features proposed for the pool building, this in turn reflects the recently proposed reception building, so collectively they deliver and build on the objective to create a single unified image for the park, which complements the sense of arrival.

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