Project Description

Pink Office and CTR Secure Services Ltd

This modern bespoke development is situated on Beacon Park and consists of two equally sized office buildings for Pink Office and CTR Secure Services Ltd. The buildings are designed to fit within the parameters set out in the Beacon Park Design Guide, with each two-storey building having a height of approximately 8.5m. The materials used are of high quality and befitting of their intended use and the surrounding area.

Beacon Park is located adjacent to the A47 corridor between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. It is part of the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft Enterprise Zone and is subject to the Beacon Park Local Development Order (LDO), which was created to enable further development of the area. This LDO allows greater permitted development rights for new business-related development within Beacon Park. LDOs simplify planning arrangements by allowing specific types of development in certain areas.

Pink Office and CTR Secure Services Ltd

Beacon Park, Gorleston


Design Team
S Lucas, J young

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