We are very pleased to have recently submitted a planning application for a new build house on land at Heath Liveries, Browston. The proposal is a full application for the erection of a 5 bedroom dwelling meeting the criteria of Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

The house has been designed to form an intrinsic part of the landscape. The part sunken form and encapsulating green roofs were devised to help reduce its visual impact upon the surroundings. The house nestles in the slope at the highest point of the site, utilising the natural fall of the land and provides views out to a truly enchanting setting for a home.

The soil excavated as part of the construction will be retained on site and re-used to construct the rammed earth walls and green roof forming the envelope of the new house. Rammed earth walls are constructed by compacting (ramming) moistened subsoil between temporary formwork, such as shuttering or formers. This is the perfect solution for this project considering soil will be available in abundance following excavation.

Rammed earth is a sustainable and efficient building material that requires less maintenance than other buildings and ages gracefully with the capacity to last an extremely long time. Untouched, the walls have the colour and texture of natural earth. The result is a healthy, beautiful, natural looking structure that uses very little energy to heat or cool.

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